Kival Evan


Beat Saber

Map Check
An extensive overview and error checking of beatmap
Deno Library
Beat Saber mapping script library
Mapping Utility
Plenty of useful utilities for use in mapping
Mapping Script
A collection of my mapping scripts
Map Project
Maps I've made, does not include collabs/GD
ChroMapper Selector Plugin
Extensive selection plugin for ChroMapper
ChroMapper Lolighter Plugin
Lolighter port to ChroMapper

Use & Permission

Most of my works were made for free in my free time. I do not mind if you want to use, modify, or redistribute my lighting, mapping, script, or any of my related work as long as it is not being used for ill-intent, disruptive, claiming, or anything that may put me into trouble. Credits are highly appreciated. If you wish to contribute to my work, you may go over on my GitHub or contact me personally via Twitter or Discord.