Kival Evan

|| Beat Saber

Map Project

Published maps I've made for Beat Saber under BeatSaver. You may also commission me to map your favourite song in Beat Saber.

BSMap Module

Beat Saber general-purpose mapping library using TypeScript with Deno.

Map Check

Client web application for extensive overview and checking of beatmap to help catch numerous kind of errors in beatmap. Powered by Vanilla JS and BSMap module.

Mapping Utility

Simple web with plenty of useful utilities for use in mapping.

Mapping Script

Collection of my mapping scripts using TypeScript and BSMap.

ChroMapper Selector Plugin

Simple selection plugin for ChroMapper.

Use & Permission


As long as my map has already been published under BeatSaver, you may freely use them for video promotion, or any other purpose. My light are free to use in your map as long as credit is given. You may also use the map itself for any purpose including machine learning, but preferably if you ask first beforehand. Any other thing such as 3D model, map script, etc. is allowed if and only when any of my map that uses them is publicly released on BeatSaver.


Go ahead, just abide to licensing rule.