Kival Evan


I'm Kival Evan, as you may recognise the name from certain ranked maps, playlists, and other places. I have crafted plentiful of maps in various different ways, and mainly I'm more into mapping Touhou Project arrangement. Take a look at the maps I've made:-

I value in making the map the best quality I could and as enjoyable as it can be, bringing high-grade assets to the map whenever possible.

Pricing & Payment

Mapping Rate
$25 Expert+
$20 Expert
$18 Hard
$15 Normal
$10 Easy
Lighting Rate
$15 Handcrafted (non-Chroma)
Free Lolighter (automated)
Additional Bonus
Free Difficulty Label
Free Custom Colour
Free Chroma Object
Free Cinema Integration

Pricing rate is based on price per minute.
Rounded to next nearest minute, halved price for closest to next half minute.

  • Additional bonus is free-of-charge but not a choice. If I enjoy the song and the mapping allows for creativity, you may receive one of the listed bonus. Alternatively, you may ask for it but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Rate may increase depending on the complexity of the song, difficulty in map creation, or if it contain multiple (complex) BPM changes.

You may estimate cost here as I will be using this calculation, however pricing is subjected to change.

Payment made over PayPal with USD currency excluding tax. If there are other valid and trusted payment service/method, we can work out with it. Tips are appreciated.

Current payment option:
  • 50% upfront, 50% upon delivery
  • 100% upfront


If you're interested in ordering a commission or have any question regarding the information, contact me on Discord, Twitter, or Email.

Please read Terms & Conditions for further information.
Once the order is made, you have accepted the Terms & Conditions.

Map Showcase

New World
Last Wind
Girly Cupid
Azure Raindrop
werewolf howls.
Vagueness & JOURNEY
Pure-Hearted Armeria
The Pressure

the march of Yui
forgotten parser
Black Eye/Burnt Thumb

Terms & Conditions

  • I have the right to deny any commission.
  • The map will be uploaded to my own BeatSaver account.
  • Map will be released & uploaded as soon after completion and full payment made, but are allowed to request scheduled release.
  • Map released have a week of liability in case of the map is below satisfactory level or issues found that mandate changes or fixes. No duration for game-breaking issues caused by the map.
  • Song length depend on valid metadata if exist, otherwise use given source.
  • Expected delivery time will be around 1-2 weeks but may vary depending on availability and option, I'll keep in touch showcasing progress and other related detail, you are allowed to give feedback on recent progress. Please do not spam or excessively remind me in short period of time.
  • Lighting will take another considerable chunk of time. If you wish to receive the map sooner, consider switching to Lolighter option. Payment will be refunded or discounted by lighting cost if you swap the option.
  • I have control of how I would map; this typically mean it will be high difficulty in mind. You are free to suggest what you want in the map, including but not limited to specific difficulty, note pattern, etc. However, It is not guaranteed to be applied and I have the right to refuse such that it involve bad mapping practice, against my mapping habit, or anything I disagree with.
  • Additional detail such as difficulty label, custom colour, platform, etc is allowed and free of charge. However, detail such as obscene text, similar coloured note, and other I disagree or deemed inappropriate will be rejected.
  • I may not accept nor take request outside product listed here (such as curation, playlist, advert, etc), however it is negotiable.
  • At any given time and reason, I may cancel the commission and you will receive full refund and disclosure for cancellation.

Last updated: 26 January 2022

Note: Terms & Conditions is subjected to change; may not be applicable to existing order or enquiry depending on importance or severity.