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SlimeVR is a set of open-sourced product to facilitate full-body tracking for VR that works for any SteamVR device such as HTC Vive, Valve Index, WMR, and Oculus Link. No base station is required, and uses wireless configuration that can be connected via local network on router or PC Wi-Fi connection.

For more information, visit SlimeVR CrowdSupply and support the original creator, and also learn to develop or contribute your own too.

This commission exist solely for people within Peninsular Malaysia who are unable or unwilling to commit into this DIY project. I highly encourage you to try and build one on your own, or pre-order official SlimeVR tracker if you would rather wait.

NOTE: SlimeVR is a work-in-progress project; build design and software may change in the future.


This section is a recap of things said in SlimeVR Docs and plenty of tips given over on SlimeVR Discord. Once you get your hands on SlimeVR Tracker, head over onto SlimeVR Setup to get started.

  • SteamVR supported VR device
  • Good Wi-Fi connection with local network to PC

First step is to download and run SlimeVR Installer and turn on SlimeVR tracker and see if they are blinking 2-3 times, if not try charging it first. Before wearing the tracker, let the tracker lay flat untouched for 1-2min to allow for calibration.

Micro-USB port is used to communicate with the tracker, which are used to enter Wi-fi credentials to allow SlimeVR Server to find and communicate with the tracker. Make sure to turn off the tracker before proceeding this step.

USB-C port is used to charge the tracker, it is highly-advised to turn off the tracker before charging to prolong the battery life and to not damage the component.

Once the tracker is tracked by the SlimeVR Server, set the tracker to corresponding role and set your body proportion in given settings. Visit SlimeVR Setup for more information. Setting up body proportion may take time and may not work well for different user, visit SlimeVR Body Configuration to learn more.

It is highly recommended that you use OVR Advanced Settings to allow easy click calibration reset as MPU6050 tends to drift significantly after every 10-15min; follow instruction here.

ADVANCED USER: if you are familiar with Arduino and want more control, the process is more or less the same; follow this instruction to get started. The following provided allows you to hardcode Wi-Fi credentials, adjust tracker orientation, etc.

Tracker Model

Tracker Specification
Battery Life 1000mAh (up to 10hr)
Charging Port 5V 1A
Charging Duration Approx. 1hr
Extension Port JST-XH2.54
Primary Weight ~52.2g
Auxiliary Weight ~8.4g
Primary Tracker Component
Wemos D1 Mini
GY-521 MPU6050
TP4056 Charging Board USB-C Port
LiPo Rechargable Battery 1000mAh w/ Protection
1N5817 Schottky Rectifier Diode
1/4W 180K Resistor
JST-XH2.54 Connnector
Auxiliary Tracker Component
GY-521 MPU6050
JST-XH2.54 Connnector

The tracker uses schematic provided by SlimeVR Docs using MPU6050 for IMU and all the optional features. The product is a DIY project assembled together with individual component encased in custom-made 3D printed case model heavily-inspired by ~Red~#4028 case design.

The full-body tracking requires minimum of 5 SlimeVR Tracker to properly track body and leg movement. It is possible to use only one at a time but may not be feasible. Primary Tracker can be extended with Auxiliary Tracker to allow chest for better leaning tracking and feet for feet rotation tracking. Optionally, another tracker can be used on hip to further improve body tracking. Do note the more tracker means you will spend more time setup and strap to your body.

The tracker casing colour can be customised with black, silver, white, translucent, red, green, and blue. Additionally, the cover colour can also be customised. Customisability only applies to all item within set and cannot be set individually.

The tracker has 38mm width strap hole allowing easy insert and swapping, and wide width for better stability. It is recommended to use around 30cm for leg part and 50cm for body part, depending on your body proportion.

The tracker is pre-flashed with the SlimeVR firmware and set for orientation per each tracker, it can be updated via OTA or Micro-USB. Furthermore, the user is allowed to modify the firmware to their needs.

Due to supply shortage and increasing price of BNO08x, the significantly better IMU than MPU6050, the model only uses MPU6050 which are both the cheapest and easy to get with downside of substantial tracking drift. At normal BNO08x price, the tracker would be about 2x the price for a set here.

Pricing & Payment

Tracker Set
RM380 Lower-Body Set 5 Waist, Thigh, Ankle The entry-level FBT.
RM400 Core Set 5+1 Waist + Chest, Thigh, Ankle Improved tracking while leaning.
RM420 Enhanced Core Set 5+3 Waist + Chest, Thigh, Ankle + Feet Allow feet rotation.

RM20 Auxiliary Tracker
RM2 10-20cm Extension Cable
RM5 USB to Micro-USB 2.0 1M cable
RM10 Primary Tracker Casing
RM3 Extension Tracker Casing

#+# means primary + auxiliary tracker.
Tracker Set only includes Extension Cable.

The addon can only be purchased with set.
These are only available in very limited supply and maxed up to amount of tracker.

Payment made over PayPal with MYR currency excluding tax. Alternatively, using Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks, or COD for F2F. Shipping fee is excluded. Tips are appreciated.

Current payment option:
  • 50% upfront, 50% upon delivery
  • 100% upfront


If you're interested in ordering a commission or have any question regarding the information, contact me on Discord, Twitter, or Email.

Please read Terms & Conditions for further information.
Once the order is made, you have accepted the Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  • I have the right to deny any commission.
  • The product is tested before sold.
  • Ensure the product arrived safely and usable.
  • Price may increase depending on component supply & demand.
  • The product uses electronic component and is not a waterproof. Take care of it as you would with any other sensitive electronic.
  • You may tinker with the inside of tracker and apply any modification. However, I am not obligated to help nor responsible regarding any issue done internally.
  • Due to the use of LiPo battery, the product cannot be shipped oversea. It is also to be noted to treat the product carefully as any damage to the battery may cause combustion.

Last updated: 10 January 2022

Note: Terms & Conditions is subjected to change; may not be applicable to existing order or enquiry depending on importance or severity.


The tracker is on but it is not connected to SlimeVR Server.
Connect your tracker via Micro-USB port and enter Wi-Fi credential via SlimeVR Server, then please wait for a short moment before it is connected. Ensure the tracker has connected to Wi-Fi by the message log or tracker blinked only once or twice. If the problem still persist, check your local area network to ensure both SlimeVR Tracker and PC are on the same line and restart SlimeVR Server.
The tracker looks jittery/laggy.
Check the latency of the tracker on SlimeVR server. For optimal performance, the latency has to be below 10ms for smoother result. This issue is significantly apparent for tracker with extension, try disconnecting the extension if problem still persist.
The tracker keeps on rotating even if I'm not doing anything.
This is due to the tracker calibrating it's rotation. You must always leave it lay flat before wearing them for 1-2min. If you accidentally turn off the tracker, you may have to do this process again.
The tracker doesn't properly capture the motion.
Set the tracker role accordingly in SlimeVR Server. If the tracker is facing forward or in front of you, then it should be set to forward; side would be left/right. Then, set the body configuration according to your body proportion. You can manually set it or use Autobone. Be sure to adjust the tracker as to stay in place firmly.
The tracker tracked almost close to movement but not as accurate.
This is unfortunately the limitation of the technology behind the tracker. It can only imitate your motion solely from rotation data and skeleton model. However, it is possible to get 1:1 tracking if you spend enough time tweaking the configuration and tracker placement.
The tracker seemingly rotate away further than it was originally.
This is also unfortunately an issue with cheap IMU used in the tracker. If you encounter this, reset or quick reset to snap it back into place. To make life easier, use OVR Advanced Settings for a hotkey on reset.


I am not affiliated with nor I own SlimeVR. SlimeVR is a community-driven open-source project owned by Eiren. I do not sell SlimeVR software and the work of others related to the project. The only thing sold here are the hardware necessary for SlimeVR.