Kival Evan


Beat Saber Custom Map


I'm Kival Evan, as you may recognise the name from certain ranked maps, playlists, and other places. I have crafted plentiful of maps in various different ways, and mainly I'm more into mapping Touhou Project arrangement. Take a look at the maps I've made:-

I value in making the map the best quality I could and as enjoyable as it can be, bringing high-grade assets to the map whenever possible.

Pricing & Payment

Pricing rate is based on price per minute.
Rounded to next nearest minute, halved price for closest to next half minute.

Mapping Rate
$20 Mapper style
$25 Specific style
$10+ Additional difficult
Lighting Rate
$15 Handcrafted (non-Chroma)
Free Lolighter (automated)

Additional Bonus
Free Difficulty Label
Free Custom Colour
Free Chroma Object
Free Cinema Integration

Additional bonus is free-of-charge but not a choice. If I enjoy the song and the mapping allows for creativity, you may receive one of the listed bonus. Alternatively, you may ask for it but cannot be guaranteed.

  • Rate may increase depending on the complexity of the song, difficulty in map creation, or if it contain multiple (complex) BPM changes.
  • Additional difficulty pricing depend on specific difficulty, lowest starts at $10.

You may estimate cost here as I will be using this calculation, however pricing is subjected to change.

Payment made over PayPal with USD currency excluding tax. If there are other valid and trusted payment service/method, we can work out with it. Tips are appreciated.

Current payment option:
  • 50% upfront, 50% upon delivery
  • 100% upfront


If you're interested in ordering a commission or have any question regarding the information, contact me on Discord, Twitter, or Email.

Please read Terms & Conditions for further information.
Once the order is made, you have accepted the Terms & Conditions.

Map Showcase

New World
Last Wind
The Pressure
Vagueness & JOURNEY
Azure Raindrop
Girly Cupid
werewolf howls.

Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 30 November 2021

Note: Terms & Conditions is subjected to change; may not be applicable to existing order or enquiry depending on importance or severity.