Beat Saber Mapping Utility


Map Settings

Effective BPM & Time Precision

Effective BPM:

NJS Calculator

Min. HJD: 1
Min. JD: 0
Min. Reaction Time: 0ms

Optimal JD (highest): 0
Optimal JD (lowest): 0

When changing jump distance, scale either HJD or NJS.

Score Calculator

Max Score: 0
Max Score (Modifier): 0

Est. Score: 0 (0%)
Est. PP: 0
Missed Score: 0

No Miss Score: 0 (0%)
No Miss PP: 0

SPS Difference

Total Reduction: 0.00%

Works for NPS or any number too.

In-game Difficulty Label

Difficulty Count:

NOTE: may not be representitive in-game.

Color Picker

Part Hex Color Picker Include
Left Note
Right Note
Left Env.
Right Env.
Left Env. Boost
Right Env. Boost

Paste difficulty _customData onto text area
Copy text into difficulty _customData
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Random Pattern Generator